Advanced Dental Implant Procedures

For both implant systems, we use advanced procedures if appropriate and medically advisable. Depending on your oral health, you may be a viable candidate for:

Teeth-in-an-hour: In this procedure, it takes just one hour to fit the dental implant and artificial teeth. Usually this is an outpatient procedure and you can get back to normal life with minimum disruption to your regular schedule.

Keyhole Dental Implants: Increasingly, we favor the keyhole dental implant technique as it is less traumatic and aids faster healing. In traditional implants, an incision in the gums is required to place the implant. In the keyhole surgery, we determine the precise and safest placement of the dental implant in a computer simulation using a 3-D image of your jaw structure. The final simulation goes to a laboratory in Sweden for fabrication of the surgical guide (Nobel-guide) which reaches us within six working days. The surgical guide (stent) is fabricated to the precise dimensions of your gum and teeth contours and we are able to place the implant with minimum intrusion and maximum accuracy. Rajan Dental pioneered this procedure in India having done the first successful keyhole dental implant on April 8, 2006 right after its USA launch in 2005.