Best Dental Implant Clinic in Chennai

Are you feeling embarrassed and shy because of the appearance of your teeth? The solution to all the problems related to broken and missing tooth are with the Rajan Dental clinic, which is acclaimed as the best dental implant clinic in Chennai. It is located at various prime locations in the city.



Dental implants are basically a replacement to the roots of the teeth. It is a screw-like metal structure that is inserted into the jawbones to support the artificial crown that is to be placed over it. Implants can be done for a single, multiple or entire row of teeth.

          The dental implants are easier to maintain than the conventional dentures which require to be removed on a daily basis. It does not allow the jawbone to deteriorate and keeps it intact. This, in turn, helps the face structure to remain the same in spite of implants. Dental implants give the patient a comfortable feeling at all times.


Dental implants are basically classified into two broad categories:


Endosteal implant: This is the most commonly used type of dental implant. A screw-like structure which is made of titanium is placed in the jawbone surgically as a replacement for the root of the teeth. The teeth placed can be placed individually or as a group on a bridge.

Subperio implant: Unlike the Endosteal implant which is placed directly onto the jawbone, the implants are placed below the gums. After the gum heals, posts are attached to the jawbone and the artificial teeth is then mounted on these posts.


  • After consultation, our dentists determine if the patient is a good candidate for getting implants done. The pre-requisites for getting an implant are good bone support, healthy gums, and overall good health.
  • The dental implants are located in the position of the missing teeth after which it is covered with gum tissue so that the implants fuse with the jaw bone for support.
  • A small piece, similar to a screw is placed in it after which the temporary artificial teeth is fixed over it. Teeth impressions are taken using a mould.
  • At the final stage of treatment, the permanent custom-made tooth is screwed over the abutment
  • Post care maintenance is similar to that of natural teeth which require proper dental hygiene like brushing and flossing regularly. Our dentists will explain in detail on everything to be followed 


  • We provide high-quality dental implants so that does not lead to any complications due to infections in the future.
  • All our dentists are very approachable and gentle in their approach. They explain in detail, to the patient, all about the treatment they are undergoing.
  • We provide world class service of the highest quality at a very nominal price
  • All our doctors are highly skilled at dental implant procedures as they have many years of expertise in handling it.

Regain your smile and confidence after getting your implants at Rajan Dental clinic which is undoubtedly the best implant clinic in Chennai.