Bone Grafting Procedures

Some people who wish to replace their missing teeth with dental implants do not have sufficient bone in their jaw to anchor the implants firmly. They need a treatment called as Bone Grafting. In Bone grafting, either particles or a block of bone is taken from their own body or from other natural/ synthetic sources . This bone graft is fixed to the region of interest using pins to increase the bone volume to facilitate placement of implants.
Bone Grafting tratment India

What are the sources of Bone grafts?

From which part of the body are the bone grafts taken?

If Bone grafts are taken from my chin or lower jaw, will I have scars on face?

Will my face change if any bone grafts are taken from chin?

If the bone grafts are taken from cadavers, will it cause infection?

After bone grafting procedure is performed, Will I get teeth immediately?

Why should I have to wait for 6 – 12 months time?

Are there any risks involved with Bone grafting?