Cost of Dental Implant

There is no easy way to calculate the cost of dental implant without a complete physical examination. Many factors go into determining the total cost of the implant procedure and the pricing of the implant is itself only one of the cost components. At the minimum, you should expect an outlay of about Rs. 50,000** for a single implant (about US$ 1000 – click here for current rates and to see the approximate price in your own currency). Costs may not necessarily double if you need more than one implant. The best way to find out would be request an appointment or if that is not possible submit your details and get a quote* via email.
General Information on Dental Implants

* We may not be able to provide a decisive opinion based on just the information you provide. In such cases, we suggest you request an appointment to get a fully qualified evaluation. Response time of 72 hours excludes Sundays and other local holidays.
** Costs as of Q1, 2016. Prices may vary with changes in international exchange rates