Dental Implant System

When you come to Rajan Dental, you get a comprehensive, professional, personalized, and objective evaluation of your dental implant needs. Using sophisticated scanning equipment and implant planning software, we determine the most viable options for your treatment. Our dental surgeons will then explain these choices to you in clear, simple, non-medical terms. They will also explain any medical risks based on your medical history and oral habits. We recommend two major implant systems:

The Nobel Biocare Implant System: Often referred to as the Rollys-Royce of dental implant systems, getting a Nobel Biocare Dental Implant is an assurance of quality and reliability. It has a documented track-record of well over 95% success rates in more than 40 years of clinical use.

The Zimmer Implant System: This is another dependable and robust dental implant system though its clinical use extends over 15 years only. If you are on a budget the Zimmer Implant System maybe more suited to your pocket.