Failed Cases

Implant failure happens due to various reasons like

  • Improper treatment planning
  • Inappropriate implant choice
  • Overloading of implants (poor biomechanics)
  • Poor execution of surgical / restorative plan
  • Cement retained restoration causing periimplantitis
  • Host factors …… etc.

A patient presented elsewhere with mobile teeth in the upper arch and was treated with full mouth implants and cemented restorations.
failed cases implant
Pre Op OPG before any implant treatment
failed cases implant
Post Op Opg after full mouth implants
Within 3 months after implant placement, patient started to lose one implant after another with failure of the entire cemented prosthesis.
The single piece implants were removed and severe bone loss was observed.
failed cases implant
To rehabilitate the patient, what is plan of action now???
“Bone grafting and implants again??????”
This will prolong the treatment time to up to 1 year for the replacement of teeth.
Using well accepted treatment protocols which have been very successful in Europe and USA, the Zygomatic implants in the Upper arch is a successful treatment option for such kind of situations. NO bone grafting or waiting period is involved in this treatment. A full new set of screw retained prosthesis can be delivered in 3 days.
failed cases implant