PG Fellowship Programme in Dental Implatology


This course is recognized and affiliated by the The TN Dr. MGR Medical University and is offered by Chennai Dental Research Foundation (CDRF), an initiative of Rajan Dental, which has rich legacy and is known for highest standards , quality and trust.
This fellowship programme has faculty who are accomplished and eminent in Dentistry. It is taught by internationally acclaimed faculty using the latest infrastructure and technology. The course duration is 1 year, full-time with academic and clinical hands-on sessions.
Scholarships are available for meritorious applicants through RAJAN SCHOLARSHIP.


Accomplished Faculty – The Course is designed and headed by Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan & B Praveen, Dr. Gunaseelan is an eminent surgeon and also holds top positions in various dental councils in India and abroad. The founder, late B.P. Rajan was the President, Dental Council of India.
Best-in-class infrastructure – The institute has got the entire latest infrastructure and is fitted with top-of-the-line dental equipment such as Cone Beam CT Scans and hard tissue lasers, etc.
Hands-on-training – The course has both academic and clinical sessions and offers hands-on training on surgical and prosthetic treatment procedures.
Merit Scholarship – We offer scholarship to meritorious candidates which ranges from INR 50,000 to INR 1,00,000. The selection of candidates for the scholarship is based on an Online Exam and the candidate’s earlier academic credentials. For more details on the scholarship, read Rajan Scholarship Scheme


1 year full time Programme – 5 days/week, 4 hours class room sessions & 4 hours clinical sessions.


ELIGIBILITY: BDS Graduates or MDS Graduates.

  1. Candidates who have passed BDS from a Dental College/ University recognized by Dental Council of India.
  2. Indian students who have studied in foreign countries and passed Dental Degree Course are eligible to join Fellowship in Dental Implantology provided they produce the following Certificates.
    1. The Equivalency Certificate issued by the DCI / Government of India.
    2. Registration Certificate issued by the respective State Dental Council.
  3. Foreign nationals who have studied in foreign countries and passed Dental Degree Course are also eligible to join Fellowship in Dental Implantology provided they produce the following Certificates.
    1. The Equivalency Certificate issued by the DCI / Government of India.
    2. Temporary Registration Certificate issued by the Dental Council of India, New Delhi.

PREREQUISITES: 4 Passport Size Photos in formal attire, One set of UG/PG Certificates photocopies, Degree Certificate, Mark Sheets, Identity Proof

DURATION OF THE COURSE: Duration for the Fellowship in Dental Implantology course is One year.

  • Dr. R. Gunaseelan Rajan. MBBS, BDS, FDSRCS (England), PhD President
  • Dr. Gowri Natarajarathinam BDS, MS (UAB – Alabama, USA) Fellowship in Dental Implantology (USA)
  • Dr. K. Sanketh Reddy BDS, MDS (Prosthodontics, M.S in Implantology)
  • Dr. M. Pasupathy MDS (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon)
  • Dr. Ashwini OR MDS (Prosthodontics)




Rs. 6,00,000 – Course Fee (All Inclusive).

Inclusions: *Journal club presentations, Conferences, Workshops, Scientific Presentations
20 Implants (16 Single Implants, 1 Jaw All-on-4)
Basic surgical and restorative instruments
Basic Lab instruments
Clinic and Lab Access
Separate Lockers
Library Access (Institution and MGR Medical University)
Internet Usage – WIFI in Campus

Exclusions: Food, Accommodation and any travel and living expenses associated with the course.
*(Academic & Scientific support).


Rajan Dental Institute

No.56, Dr. R K Salai
Mylapore, Chennai,
Tamilnadu – 600 004.
Tel: +91 44 40105050

For candidates outside of Chennai/TN accommodation assistance for boarding and lodging would be provided. Only choice of places would be given, the charges on the same would have to be borne by the Students themselves separately.

12 Dental operatories, Cone Beam CT Scan, State of the art Lab Facility, round the clock WIFI access, Laminar flow Operation Theatres are available under one roof. Advanced Dental Implantology has been practiced at this facility for over 10 years.

A well equipped library with learning resources from all top authors provides information services and access to bibliographic and full text digital and printed resources to support the scholarly and informational needs of the Fellowship student Community. The Library is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the form of CD-ROMs/ DVD-ROMs, On-line databases, audio video cassettes, books, e-journals, patents, e-standards, thesis, reports, monographs etc


 Dr. Chandrakala Harikrishnan, B.D.S, MFDS (Glasgow, U.K), Fellowship in Dental Implantology


I was fortunate to undergo the Dental Implantology fellowship programme of The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University conducted by Rajan Dental & CDRF in 2013 -14.It was very well structured with theoretical and clinical aspects.The faculty included friendly teachers with national & international experience.Seminars & Journal clubs gave in depth knowledge of various aspects in Implant Dentistry. This Programme enabled me to gain enough experience to practice as an independent Implantologist. I attended the 21st ISOI conference, Chennai. Lectures were delivered by eminent Implantologists from all over the world.

Dr. Sowmya, B.D.S, (Fellowship in Dental Implantology, 2015 – 2016)


Pursuing this program has not only uplifted my skills on Implantology, but has also given me confidence and individuality as a Practioner. This program is so well structured, that it incorporates surgical, prosthetic and patient handling aspects. And about the mentors, I’m very grateful to have been trained by a set of internationally renowned and experienced mentors. They were very supportive throughout the program. Their immense knowledge and overwhelming guidance helped us address even challenging cases with an ease and confidence. On the whole this program was a good opportunity to learn and pursue Implantlogy in both surgical and clinical aspects.

Dr. Saishree Sundaravelu, B.D.S, (Fellowship in Dental Implantology, 2015 – 2016)


The Fellowship in Oral Implantology program conducted at Rajan Dental institute is a comprehensive one. Thorough updated knowledge about implants was conveyed through academic activities like journal clubs and case discussions. Hands on training on both models and patients gave a deeper insight into surgical as well as prosthetic procedures. Facility of the Cone Beam Computed Tomography Scan (CBCT) available in the institute was very much helpful for analysis. To add feather in the crown is the Advanced implant training in All-on-4® implant placement and prosthetic loading. Faculty at our institute is our major strength- Dr Gunaseelan Rajan, Dr. Praveen B, Dr Sanketh Reddy, Dr Gowri, Dr Vinamra each being stalwart in their fields gave us all the confidence to work with ease and perfection.

Dr. Jagrithi, B.D.S, (Fellowship in Dental Implantology, 2015 – 2016)


The one year I spent at Rajan dental institute(RDI) has empowered me with a varied range of surgical and prosthetic skills. The program was a perfect amalgamation of strong theoretical foundation and practical workspace. I saw latest concepts within the confines of the lab and Operation Theatre, which till date I had only read in the text books. I felt myself grow as an Implantologist. I have also gained the confidence to independently perform varied procedures in Implant dentistry. The experience has been an immense learning. None of this would’ve been possible without the able guidance and mentorship of the teachers at RDI and Chennai Dental Research Foundation from whom I constantly draw knowledge, support and inspiration. It was the best I could’ve asked at this nascent stage in my career.




  • Rationale of Implantology
  • Knowledge of internal anatomy of both maxilla and mandible and permanent teeth, anatomy of root apex & its implications in dentulous and edentulous situations
  • Physiology of the bone. Resorption pattern and effect of metabolic diseases on the bone
  • Diagnostic procedure-recent advances & various aids used for diagnosis. RP models, Specialized planning software etc
  • Case selection & treatment planning.
  • Medical and dental evaluation of the patient
  • Ridge mapping techniques
  • Fabrication of a diagnostic as well as surgical stent
  • Infection control procedures used in surgery, aseptic techniques, packaging of instruments, instrumentation protocol
  • Implant instruments & instrumentation- recent development, detailed. Various implant systems and their indications
  • Description of hand,rotary,sonic, ultrasonic etc. esp piezosurgery instruments
  • Implant surgeries, recent developments in technique & devices,
  • Implant prosthetic and various options
  • Biology of bone & wound healing & also basic principles of grafting & molecular biology
  • Grafting materials and membranes
  • Thorough knowledge of implant materials and their implications.
  • Surface characteristics, macro geometry and microscopic structure of the implant
  • Lasers in Implantology.
  • Complication: identification of problem and their management
  • Implant failures & retreatment.
  • Implants in the aesthetic zone
  • Soft tissue management – aesthetics and reconstruction
  • GBR and GTR basics and advanced principles
  • Management of complete Edentulism – implant based solutions
  • Over denture
  • Full mouth fixed rehab
  • Grafted and grafless solutions
  • Anesthesia in Implantology
  • Local anesthesia
  • LA with sedation – intravenous
  • GA – in special situations
  • Maxillary sinus and its implications in Implantology
  • Indirect sinus lifts
  • Direct sinus lift
  • Nerve injuries and their management
  • Various suture materials and suturing techniques
  • Imaging modalities and their application – digital images – 2D and 3D imaging techniques and their interpretation
  • Pharmacological knowledge to deal with daily medication
  • Prosthetic materials for impression making
  • Various materials for fabrication of implant prosthesis
  • Knowledge of the lab procedures involved
  • Screw retained and cement retained prosthesis
  • Understanding and knowledge of advanced implant techniques in vogue e.g. all on four, Zygoma implants etc
  • Knowledge of the concept of osseintegration
  • Understanding the concept of stability in Implantology and its implication on immediate load and function
  • Spend 25% of course time in the lab in coordination of the cases done by the candidate and familiarization with the lab procedures


Preclinical work on dummy model or pig jaw [two month] Practical hands on dummy models both surgical and prosthetic

  1. Implant placement
  2. Suturing techniques
  3. Grafting procedures
  4. Prosthetic hands on
  5. Impression techniques
  6. Components in prosthetics
  7. Armamentarium

Clinical work minimum work to be done in ten months – at least 1/4th to be done independently by the students. Can do more – candidate choice. This will include

Anterior implant 3 cases
Posterior implant 6 cases

  1. Mandible 2 case – using any attachment
  2. Maxilla 1 case with a bar attachment

Full mouth rehab (cemented and screw retained)

Maxilla 1 case
Mandible 1 case

Grafting procedures – hard tissue

  1. Chin graft – 2
  2. Ramus graft – 1
  3. Sinus lift – direct – 1
  4. Sinus lift – indirect 2 cases

Minor grafting procedures 5

  1. Grafting procedures – soft tissue
  2. Connective tissue graft 1 case
  3. Free gingival graft – 1

Observer in guided surgery cases as well as cases done under GA To maintain full records of all the cases done. From start to finish all records to be submitted

Orientation & Training for Practical Examinations
Practical Examination Exercises
Exercise 1- single implant placement in the posterior or anterior zone
Exercise 2 – open tray impression tray technique in a full mouth rehab case – single jaw Viva voce (15 mts. to 30 mts.) – 50 marks