Full Mouth Dental Implants in Chennai


Are you looking to replace your missing teeth? Do you not like the hassle of dealing with Dentures? Are you feeling shy to talk or smile because of missing teeth? Have you lost confidence because of the appearance of your teeth?

Rajan Dental clinic has the perfect solution to deal with all your woes. Visit our clinic to get the full mouth dental implant in Chennai. It is permanent and gives a more natural appearance and feel to the patient.


Dental implants are used to replace the natural teeth which are lost due to a variety of reasons ranging from tooth decay, tooth grinding to broken teeth. The implants are replaced in the form of high quality and long lasting bridges or dentures in the upper jaw and lower jaw. 


  • It improves the overall aesthetic appearance of the person with a natural look similar to that of their original teeth
  • The dental implants do not feel alien in the mouth and help the patient to get a natural feeling without any discomfort especially while talking or eating.
  • By using full mouth dental implants, the roots of the teeth are replaced therefore the jaw bone is preserved and not deteriorated
  • Unlike conventional dentures, the dental implants treatment are easier to maintain as they are permanent and do not have to be removed every other day for cleaning.
  • The dental implants offer the best kind of comfort and stability to the patients as they are custom made and fit nicely just like natural teeth would.
  • It helps a great deal in keeping the jawbone healthy and intact, which is not possible with the traditional dentures which leads to an unattractive and droopy smile and facial structure.
  • The bridges for the dental implants are built from the best quality metal so that it lasts long and stands firm as it replaces the roots of the teeth. 


At Rajan Dental clinic we have patients travelling from across different parts of the world to get their full mouth dental implants. Their success stories prove that we provide the best full mouth dental implant facility in Chennai.

All our dentists possess a great deal of experience in the full mouth dental implant treatment. They have the dexterity and knowledge to handle all kinds of cases for dental implants.

Our clinic has state of the art technology available so that our patients could get the best possible dental implants

Our dentists are compassionate and believe in patient involvement. So they go into  extreme detail about the implant treatment, right from the consultation through every step of the treatment until the very end. We provide the best full dental implants in Chennai at an affordable price.

Visit our dentists at any of our branches to get your dental implants. We guarantee you will finally be free of all your inhibitions and go back with strong, beautiful and natural looking teeth at the end of your treatment.