Dental Implants Care Teeth

Dental Implants offers long lasting solution, but better durability comes along with greater responsibility!! Oral hygiene maintenance is vital for the longevity of dental implants.

Follow these tips to keep your dental implants functional for long:

  • Through rinsing of mouth after every meal.

  • Regular brushing
    Patients should brush their teeth at least twice a day. Vertical brushing technique sing medium tooth brush or soft brush is advisable.

  • Daily flossing
    Flossing should become a part of your daily oral hygiene routine. Flossing will remove food debris from between the teeth and implant and helps in maintaining good bone levels around the implants. There are many types of floss on the market, and generally it is highly recommended to use unwaxed tape in order to protect the tissue surrounding the implant. A water pik water irrigation device may be a suitable substitute if your implantologist recommends one.

  • Professional cleaning
    Your Dentist must select instruments for cleaning that will not damage the crown, abutment, or the implant itself. Maintaining the highly polished, smooth surface of the implant abutment and crown are critical. Any scratches on them while cleaning can attract and harbor bacteria. Dentists recommend scaling with instruments that are made of plastics and resins. (sNatural teeth don’t scratch in the same way, and therefore metal instruments can be used to clean them.)

  • Regular dental appointment.
    It is important to have the dental implants checked regularly. Regular dental examinations ensure that your gums and bone levels around the implants are stable, which will signify the long term survival dental implants. This also helps to spot any problems and deal with them early.

  • Removable Implant supported dentures need special care.
    The removable dentures over the implants ( Implant overdenture) should be removed daily during night . These overdentures usually come with certain attachments like colored rings and clips (O-rings, locator caps, and clips). While cleaning the dentures special care should be taken not to damage these attachments. Do a visual check of these rings frequently. If any of these rings are worn, missing and needs to be replaced, consult your Implantologist for the same.

  • With proper home care and professional maintenance, your new teeth with Implants can last for lifetime!