Importance of Primary / Milk Teeth

Primary teeth or milk teeth are specially prone to decay if not cared for properly. Some parents ask us – “Why should we care or treat decay in milk teeth as they fall off anyway?”

This is a serious misconception about the role primary teeth plays in your child’s future dental health. Scientific evidence has shown that children with decayed milk teeth would most likely experience decay in their permanent teeth as well. Primary teeth that are lost to decay or other dental problems before they naturally fall off can cause irregular development of permanent teeth.

It is important that you care for your child’s primary teeth right from the eruption of their first teeth itself.

Milk teeth play an important role in the normal and healthy growth of your child.

  • Primary Teeth encourage healthy eating habits. Your child learns to chew food properly and maintain good nutrition
  • Milk teeth also enable your child to speak clearly, enunciate properly, and learn proper pronunciation
  • Primary teeth establish spaces in the jaw needed by adult teeth later on. Primary teeth removed earlier than natural can lead to loss of space for adult teeth which, consequently, may create serious dental problems during adulthood.
  • Last but not least: Proper milk teeth will help your child feel good about himself and encourage a positive self image.