Our Process

Dental Tourism in India

Many different worlds in one.

India is a union of various cultures, languages and religions. So when you are visiting India, it is not one country, but many different worlds in one.

Why Choose Rajan Dental in Chennai?

  • We are India’s leading Dental Implant Clinic and performed the first zygomatic dental implant treatment in India in 2007.
  • We run comprehensive implant education programmes through the Rajan Dental Institute and have trained hundreds of other doctors in India in Implantology and other dental subjects.
  • All dental treatment is performed exclusively by us. We have an in-house ceramic laboratory which means all crowns and materials are prepared on site by us. Most clinics will outsource these functions and this gives us complete control over our work.
  • We provide a lifetime warranty on our dental implant treatment. We have the best success rates in the country and are supremely confident that our work will enhance your quality of life going.
  • We have an international tie-up with the Malo Clinic. There is likely to be a Malo Clinic in your home country which makes follow-up for minor adjustments very convenient. To see the list of our international partner clinics click here.
  • Our prices are very competitive due to our large volume of cases in India. We have negotiated top deals with our implant suppliers and pass this on directly to our patrons.

Our Process

  • Reach out to us either via our online chat option or via email at smile@rajandental.com specifying your dental requirements.
  • Our doctors will review your requirements and reach out to you to ensure they have a clear understanding about your case. A telephonic or video call may be arranged to ensure complete clarity. This will also allow us to give you an accurate estimate of treatment costs and fees.
  • Next, we can identify convenient dates for your treatment, following which you will need to obtain an Indian medical visa and book flights to Chennai. (Airport Code: MAA)
  • We can also assist you with booking accommodation with some of our hotel partners at low pre-negotiated rates.
  • If you would like to speak to a patient based in your country who has experienced our services before, we would be happy to pass on their contact information to you.
  • When you arrive in Chennai, our hospitality manager will meet you and any accompanying friends/family from the airport and transfer you to your accommodation.
  • Once you arrive at our clinic, we will perform a comprehensive clinical evaluation and finalize your treatment plan. Our doctors are very experienced and will explain the options available very systematically. Our staff will ensure you receive the utmost comfort and care during your treatment stages.
  • We will also provide you with several other services while you are here including:
    • Complimentary transfers between the airport and your accommodation (two-way).
    • A local mobile phone number so you can contact local establishments easily.
    • A wireless internet dongle which will provide you with internet access while you are on the move

Explore the city of Chennai (formerly known as Madras)

  • Chennai is considered the healthcare capital of India for the unrivalled reputation of its healthcare providers. People from all over India and the world flock to Chennai for their healthcare needs.
  • In addition to this, Chennai is a tourism hotspot and was featured as one of the top 10 cities to visit in the world by Lonely Planet in 2015. It has ancient temples to explore, pristine beaches with adventure activities and is cultural treats with its institutes of classical dance and theatre. It is also home to famous bazaars (markets) such as Pondy Bazaar where you would find local artisans and hawkers offering a plethora of quintessentially “Indian” products ranging from colorful silk clothing to piping hot samosas. It is renowned for its traditional food and Dravidian hospitality. English is widely spoken and getting around is easy via established taxi systems.
  • Chennai has a well-connected international airport with direct flights to hubs in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. It is also very inexpensive to fly between Chennai and other Indian cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Experiencing Chennai

Tropical Climate

Chennai is known for its hot and humid climate. For most parts of the year, Chennai boasts a large coastline. The best place to enjoy a cool coconut water on the beach.

South Indian Food

Chennai is also known as a foodie’s paradise. The variety of food you get is simply mind-blowing,  from soft hot idlis, to crunchy dosas, to wide variety of curries, the flavours are endless

Saree Shopping

Sarees are some of the best souvenirs. From cotton to silk – there is no end to the varieties of sarees you get in Chennai. Sarees are available in different designs, prints and colours.


Artistically built with towering sculptures most of the temples are constructed according to the Dravidian architectural style with  beautiful craftsmanship.

Carnatic Music

Carnatic music performances by eminent artists is popular in Chennai. Carnatic music is the classical form of music that originated and flourished in the South.


Mahabalipuram is a historically important tourist attraction, situated on the coast, a UNESCO world heritage site famous for its intricately carved temples and rock-cut caves.