Sedation Dentistry

Anxious about your next dental appointment? Don’t be. Pain free dental treatment is a reality that you can benefit from today. Using safe sedation techniques we can make your dental visit a pleasurable experience!

Studies have shown that as much as 30% of the population avoids a much needed visit to the dentist due to fear and anxiety over the dental pain involved. Not all dental procedures will be painful; there are a few however, which may require additional medication to manage the pain. Avoiding a dental visit due to dental phobia can become self-defeating. A minor dental problem, through neglect and avoidance of the dental visit, can develop into a major complication requiring extensive treatment and be expensive too.

If you have been avoiding a much needed visit to the dentist because of your fear of the pain involved then fix an appointment with us to get pain free dental treatment or send us your medical details to learn if you will benefit from sedation dentistry.

Will I Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

Often called relaxation dentistry, comfortable dentistry, or sleep dentistry, Sedation Dentistry is a safe and effective method that will ensure you have a anxiety free dental visit.

If you suffer from a high degree of anxiety or fear about your dental visit (or even the dentist!) then you will benefit greatly from sedation dentistry, assuming of course, there are no other medical contra indications. Typically, if any of the following apply to you, then expect sedation dentistry to work wonders for your next dental appointment:

  • If you have a high degree of dental anxiety and fear
  • If you have a severe gag reflex during oral procedures
  • If you need to complete your dental work in fewer visits
  • If you suffer from a high degree of soreness of the jaws
  • If you have physical constraints like neck and back problems
  • If getting numb is difficult for you
  • If you need extensive treatment involving multiple dental procedures
  • If you want avoid to discomfort and get your dental procedure done when you are completely relaxed and comfortable

You should also freely discuss your dental fears and anxieties with us. This will help us provide you with the best advice and take particular care of your sedation needs. Our dentists are experienced in sedation dentistry and can answer all your specific questions and doubts. After reviewing your medical history and current medical condition, we will be able to advise you of your treatment options under sedation.
How does Sedation work?

Based on your medical history, and the level of anxiety you exhibit we may use a sedative drug or a combination of drugs that will put you in a state of deep relaxation. In most instances, you will be in a state of Conscious Sedation where you will be able to interact and communicate with the dentist.

Normally, sedation is achieved by using a drug called Midazolam, which is a short duration benzodiazepine. Since individual responsiveness to the drug varies, small doses are given in increments till the desired state of relaxation is achieved. Midazolam is intravenously administered and this is generally referred to as IV Sedation. Depending on the dental procedure you require IV Sedation may be used in conjunction with local anesthesia.

If you are needle phobic and are afraid of getting pricked there may be other sedation options, like sublingual (under the tongue) drugs, or inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide inhalation) we can consider. Again, this will depend on your medical history and suitability to use these sedation methods.

Whatever be the sedation method used, you can rest assured that trained personnel will be on hand to monitor your state – oxygen saturation, blood pressure, heart rate – through out the procedure.