Sinus Lift Surgery

Sinus lift is a surgery that adds bones to your upper jaw when you have insufficient bone in your premolar and molar region for the placement of dental implants. It is done by lifting the membrane of the maxillary sinus followed by placement of bone grafts. Bone formation takes about a period of 6 months, when sufficient bone is formed in that region, regular dental implants are placed in the newly formed bone.
sinus lift surgery

When do I need Sinus lift procedures?

How long does the procedure take and how is it performed?

Where does the Graft bone come from?

Is Bone grafting always a necessary while doing sinus lift procedures?

What are the complications I get after a Sinus Lift Procedure?

Can Implants be placed immediately or to be placed after some time?

Will my teeth be fixed immediately following the sinus lift surgery?

Are there any ways I can avoid this sinus lift procedures?