Teeth Bleaching

A Perfect White Smile – Everybody’s dream, Is a possible reality today.

A Perfect White Smile “everybody’s dream, Is a possible reality today.

Teeth Bleaching is the answer for a White Smile as Dental esthetics plays a major role in the appearance of an individual in a highly demanding society. The Colour of the teeth is primarily determined by the Dentin (the layer beneath the Enamel).

However, the colour of the teeth can be influenced by Stains or Discoloration.

The Stains can be Intrinsic or Extrinsic.

Intrinsic Stains are usually caused by deeper internal stains or enamel defects.They are caused by Aging, Thinning of Enamel, Excessive Fluoride ingestion etc.

Extrinsic stains result from accumulation of staining food on the Tooth Surface such as Coffee Tea, Smoking etc. With time these stains darken and become more persistent.

Based on the Type of Tooth discoloration& Intensity there are different methods of removing the stains like Professional Cleaning- Scaling, Bleaching, Composite Restorations, Ceramic Veneers/Crowns etc.

Bleaching Methods commonly used:

     – In Office Bleaching Technique

     – Home Bleaching Technique

 Office Bleaching Technique

This method utilizes high concentration of Whitening agents- Hydrogen Peroxide (25%-40%)

The whitening agents are activated with Light or Laser. This procedure will result in Significant Whitening in One Sitting and the Dentist has complete control of the procedure.

A Very Effective & Fast Method of Whitening.

Home Bleaching

This option uses lower concentration of whitening agent- Carbamide Peroxide (10%-20%), the patients can use at their own pace but can cause adverse effects due to excessive usage.

Over the Counter Bleaching Products

These products such as Toothpastes, whitening strips, Gels etc. use a low concentration Hydrogen Peroxide (3%-6%). However, safety of these bleaching agents is highly questionable.

Effects of Bleaching

Bleaching can cause mild demineralization of the Enamel causing Mild Sensitivity which prevails over a period of few days to weeks. Discoloration of the gums & mild irritation on the mouth & throat can occur but are reversible.