customer-image Krish Pillay customer-nationality

Had 4 implants done (all-on-4) within 10 days, excellent, professional service pain free treatment had some treatment on lower jaw. Both are fitting 100%. Big thank you to the entire staff & doctors

customer-image Dr Shradharaja Beejadhur Australia customer-nationality

I was very impressed with the professional and high level of dental care given to me, especially I was
a difficult case with severe dental erosion. I did not get the support I needed to fix this in Australia.
I was impressed with Rajan Dental on my first visit there and the team of doctors analysed the
problem spot on, and explained the entire procedure to me. The knowledge and competency of the
Doctors there is impeccable. The Medical Director, Dr Archana, Dr Anand, the sisters and the support
staff were very courteous. Dr Anand was very effective and impressive with the dental procedure
and the outcome was very successful.

customer-image Dr. Ranjan Nakra Madhya Pradesh customer-nationality

We are from Indore, Madhya Pradesh.  A family of three generations of post graduate doctors, my mother Dr. Ranjana Nakra, came to Rajan Hospital Chennai, after researching implants in depth. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan and the entire team at the Rajan Hospital for taking such good care of us and my mother. Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan explained everything in great detail with kindness and patience.  The estimate and treatment plan was extremely transparent with nothing left out! He chose the best procedure and took personal interest at every stage of the procedure and showing utmost humanity. It was completely worth travelling 1500kms to see him.  His expertise and the hospital are excellent! The treatment we undertook was implants & extraction. Completely happy, God bless him!

customer-image Mr. V. V. Giri Maldives customer-nationality

Hi Doc, Wow! Your team is brilliant! You should be very proud to have such a fantastic set of highly motivated and splendid doctors. My special thanks to Doctor Padma and Kavitha. Thank you for your wonderful care. I look forward to the day you open a place in Maldives. It needs doctors like you! Cheers!

customer-image Kamala Devi India customer-nationality


My mother (68) underwent both lower All-on-4 Dental Implants and upper Zygoma implant surgeries at Rajan Dental hospitals, Chennai on 4th July 2017.
The surgery was very successful and she is comfortable and happy with a good aesthetic look as well. We were visiting every major dental hospital to understand the risk from experts. We were very fortunate to meet Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan (referred by Dr.A P. Mohan), who explained the procedure to us in detail, which gave us the confidence to proceed with surgery.
Dr. Gunaseelan is truly the perfect balance of extremely knowledgeable as well as proficient in modern techniques. The hospital functions in a highly process-oriented manner; and as per our experience, this hospital is one of the safest dental hospital one can just trust and walk in to.
We are also glad that the procedure finished in just one day!
All the doctors are experienced and knowledgeable and rest of the staff is very professional in taking care of all of the patients’ needs. I’m very happy to have found such a wonderful place for my mother’s oral surgery needs.
I would definitely recommend Dr.Gunaseelan!

customer-image Mr. Joel Paul Sultana Australia customer-nationality

I planned to come to India to practice and learn about yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and to eat some delicious food.

Before I left home I needed to have a root canal treatment done, but it was so expensive that I had considered removing the dead tooth. I was advised not to rip it out. I thought I would look into the treatment in India. I read a few articles and I was happy to find that the quality of work was exceptional and the price was very affordable.

I knew I would be around Chennai for some time so I searched google for a dentist in Chennai. The first one I clicked on was Rajan Dental. The website looked good and they also welcomed international patients. So I decided to book in a consultation with them. Upon arrival I was impressed with the immaculate condition of the practice. Everything was clean and modern. The staff were exceptionally helpful and friendly. The appointment was on schedule.

Within ten minutes I was examined, X-rayed and quoted. So I booked the treatment in for the next morning.

I had the treatment done and was rescheduled in for the following week to give time for the infection to subside.

Unfortunately I went surfing two days after the treatment and had an incident surfing and knocked out two of my teeth. It happened on a Sunday which means everything was closed. I was only able to go the hospital to get my lip stitched up on the day.

I went straight to Rajan at 9.30 am and I was seen instantly.  They were super helpful & understanding which I loved and needed, especially when I felt a bit lost and confused being that far away from home.  They quickly took X-rays and examined them.  We had a chat about my options and what will be the best course of action.

I got two implants done. Unfortunately i fractured some bone, so they had do some bone grafting. I would have to wait 5-6 months to let the bone heal to put the permanent teeth in. But for the mean time they made up some temporary teeth.

Overall I was astonished with quality of the service, the level of knowledge and the efficiency of the practice.

The team of staff were super friendly and helpful.  As well as the team of doctors, they had specialists in every field of dentistry. I felt that I was in good & trusted hands.  They were very sincere and knowledgeable.  Would definitely recommend them to all of my friends and family.  So grateful that I found this dentist practice

Words from Joel Paul Sultana Mother

I just wanted to say Thank you for looking after my son Joel Sultana, over the past few days, after his surfing accident that he lost 2 of his front teeth.

Nothing worse than a mother knowing her son is in a foreign country hurt and needs to make some serious decisions.

Thank you for all your help.

Kindest Regards,

Pauline Sultana

customer-image Kriti Kundalia Bangalore customer-nationality

Firstly, I want to thank you for making me so comfortable at your institute. I got to know of Zygomatic Implant 3 months back in July, 2007 from Dr. Khincha (Bangalore), who advised me to go for implants.

In the moment I was terrified, and I was given the option of Bone grafting or Zygomatic Implant. Bone grafting being a longer and a tedious process, I opted for Zygomatic Implant. Thanks to the technology, during the surgery I did not realize anything as I was under General anesthesia. Only fear I had was local anesthesia and the side effects of medicine and pain killers. But now i think the pain was worth as having fixed teeth is better in the long run and all the doctors at Rajan Dental Institute really care for the patient. Their patience and willingness to answer any and how many doubts makes it easier for patients.

Thank you once again

customer-image Mr. Vijaya Krishnan Chennai customer-nationality

With reference to the implants installed by you – I would like to state there is vast improvement in the functions that teeth are normally associated with. Mastication and chewing has improved considerably. My speech is more coherent now. My facial appearance has become more normal with the indentations having vanished – in short, confidence levels in the functioning of my teeth has become stronger! I definitely feel more normal now. In that I can use my teeth without fear of it popping out as it used to be in the earlier dentures. I completely trust that continuity is maintained. I am also very impressed with your after-installation care system.

customer-image Mr. Benjamin Wegener USA customer-nationality

Very professional care. I have never felt as comfortable and confident about the quality of care with another dentist.

customer-image Mr. Wayne Beckwith USA customer-nationality

The implant procedure was done professionally with care. I feel glad to have decided to go for my implant here.

customer-image Mr. S. Rajagopalan Chennai customer-nationality

I wish to put on record the sincere and dedicated, EXCELLENT work being carried out at this hospital! Thank you all for the good service. I pray to God to shower all His blessings to the entire team of doctors and associated persons.

customer-image Mr. Gunasekaran .S Chennai customer-nationality

I avoided getting treatment due to fear and the terrible pain I had experienced during the last dental treatment I had 12 years ago. The doctors at Rajan Dental patiently put me at ease and gave such pain-free and caring treatment that I was nothing short of astonished with the treatment and ecstatic with the results! I never thought I would smile again; you made my dream come true!

customer-image Shri. S. R. Jindal, Jindal Aluminium Ltd Bangalore customer-nationality

I have been suffering from dental/gums/oral problems for last 13 years and have been running pillar to post but nowhere could I find relief. But in this wonderful dental hospital, my problem is totally solved and I feel much relief. I am very much impressed and feel grateful to Dr.Gunaseelan and his team!

customer-image Ms. Amelia Buque Mozambique customer-nationality

Congratulations, you have a wonderful centre and a very professional team! I am very happy that I can smile now! Thank you very very much!

customer-image Mr. Kottam Reddy USA customer-nationality

I live in Boston, USA and the services at Rajan Dental were so impressive that I don’t mind traveling that far for all major dental services. Hence I am putting together this testimonial so that it would help others who might be in need.

Deciding what is best

I had a dental bridge that needed maintenance/replacement every few years. I came to know from my friends that a dental implant is permanent and the right choice. Though it is expensive, I decided to go for it because of the factor that it is permanent.

Finding a right doctor

Since my dental insurance in USA does not cover dental implants and is quite expensive, I looked for alternatives in India. I came to know about Dr. Gunaseelan through my cousin who lives in Chennai. I sent my X-rays and talked with him about my case on the phone. By reading my X-rays he understood my condition easily and explained my situation and possible solutions to me in a way that I could easily follow. His analyzing skills and promptness to matters made me think that he is the right choice.

My experience with Dr. R. Gunaseelan

I can say that the doctor is excellent and the staff is friendly but, there is more than that at Rajan Dental. Because I could not stay for more than 15 days in Chennai every effort was made by Dr. R. Gunaseelan to fit my schedule. Dr. R. Gunaseelan prepared me for surgery by clearly explaining in layman’s terms the procedure and complications that may arise after the surgery. During the surgery he made every effort to keep it painless. The post operation care was excellent as he was there to answer all the questions. I cannot say enough about how friendly the staff is.

My recommendation

From my experience, I feel that customer satisfaction is the primary goal at Rajan Dental and with knowledgeable doctors and experienced staff they are making it possible. I strongly recommend Dr. R. Gunaseelan because of his experience in dental implants and his ability to work with the patient in making the procedure successful.

customer-image Mr. A.N. Srinivasarao Chennai customer-nationality

My doctor, Dr. Selvamuthukumar said that the bone at the top jaw is not sufficient to implant. However, he said Dr. R. Gunaseelan (Medical Director at Rajan Dental) is an experienced doctor with years of experience and confidence in implant technology that he said is the latest and hence referred me to Dr. Gunaseelan. I am happy that I had come to Rajan Dental Clinic. I have undergone  treatment for the last 3 weeks. On the 22nd of October, finally four implant titanium screws were in place and Dr. Baig fixed the denture teeth successfully. I feel normal now with my face coming back to its natural look and my speech level almost normal. At my age of 81, I feel that new technology as well as the doctors’ experience with it were phenomenal. The Rajan Dental Institute is modern with the latest techniques. The institution is really modern and the doctors and staff function as a team. Let me wish Dr. Gunaseelan and Dr. Baig all the best in all their challenges. I depart with full satisfaction and happiness.

customer-image Husna Johar USA customer-nationality

After visiting a couple of dentists in the United States for my condition, I felt I should revisit my periodontist Dr. Uttamchand Khincha in Bangalore, who studied my case with special care and diverted me to Chennai to Dr. Gunaseelan and Dr. Praveen.  By God’s grace I met the best team of Doctors here and had a major surgery done with 4 implants using the latest techniques and felt no discomfort at all which was simply remarkable, considering my previous experiences. They gave me the best service possible and deserve to be applauded. May God bless them for their excellent service to humanity. I am happily smiling again thanks to Dr. Rajan Dental’s and Dr. Khincha’s solution.

customer-image Daniel Ramsier USA customer-nationality

My journey started a year ago.  I came from the US after a recommendation from a dentist known to my wife’s family.  I sent Dr. Gunaseelan my X-rays and consulted with him over the phone. He seemed nice and informative. After our initial discussions in which he explained to me his preliminary analysis, I flew to Chennai for the first stage of my treatment.  During the three weeks of Phase I, during which time I went through my implant surgery, Dr. Gunaseelan and his team were very professional and I felt I received very good medical care. I left India with a temporary prosthesis and a year later came back for the permanent.  Throughout this process, Dr. Gunasselan and his team have been very nice, helpful, very informative and patient with explaining all the procedures and making sure I am happy with the results and the entire healing process. I would highly recommend Dr. Gunaseelan and his professional team of doctors.  I would also like to thank them for the treatment I have received at their facility.

customer-image R.Sundaresan CHENNAI customer-nationality

I am R. Sundaresan. My daughter S. Rathna had lost almost 90% of her teeth one by one from her childhood. In those days, it was very difficult for her to take solid food. When she was at the age of 19 years, I came to know about Rajan Dental through an article on Zygoma Implants in a daily newspaper. I took my daughter to Rajan Dental where Dr. R. Gunaseelan examined her and suggested that Zygoma implant is the best solution for fixing  the artificial teeth permanently. Immediately my daughter was admitted at their hospital for Zygoma implant at a reduced cost of treatment.  After the Zygoma implant, artificial teeth were fixed to the implant. Since her face looks good with teeth fixed, her confidence level has increased which helps her to perform well in her studies. Now she is capable of taking solid food.  At this moment, I would like to thank Dr.R. Gunaseelan and also other doctors, nurses and the supporting staff for taking care of my daughter during her treatment.