Zygoma All On 4 Dental Implant

We have heard many patients asking us these questions ….

  1. How long will the treatment take?
  2. For how many days, should I have take off from work?
  3. When will I get back my teeth?
  4. When can I go back to work??
  5. How frequently do I have to come for a checkup/ review?

Yes!! We do understand that time and tide waits for none.. We are writing this article just to say, we value your time and we will stick to what we promise to…..

Treatment Timeline for All on 4 / Zygomatic Implants

Most of the patients we treat here at our clinic are able to receive their dental implants and a new set of fixed artificial teeth within 4 working days. Here’s an approximation of your typical full jaw implant treatment timeline:

Initial consultation

  • Initial consultation with our specialist doctor
  • Discussion of potential treatment options.
  • Initial radiologic investigations like CBCT scan / Radiographs
  • Discussion regarding diet instructions to be followed on the day of surgery.
  • Discussion regarding your general health and evaluation of fitness for surgery.

During your first visit, please bring your general medical health records and the prescription of the medications if you are taking any. This will help us analyze your general health better.

In the following days of the weeks:

  • Any additional investigations for your general medical condition, if required.
  • Evaluation of fitness with our Anesthetist, if necessary.

Day of your procedure: Day 1

  • You follow the sedation / anesthesia instructions for diet the previous night / on the day of surgery
  • You arrive at the clinic accompanying a close relative/ friend.
  • We escort you to your private room/ operation theatre, where you are prepped for surgery.
  • Anesthetist will administer sedation / general anesthesia.
  • Once you are ready, Oral surgeon will administer local anesthesia and begin the procedure and place the implants.
  • One of our Prosthodontist will then make measurements ( impressions) for your implants.
  • Once the procedure is over, you will be given some rest and something soft to eat or a softie.
  • You will be given prescription and instructions to be followed for the next few days.
  • You will then be allowed to return home, or stay in the hospital depending upon your wellbeing.

Follow up appointments: Day 2

  • You will be reviewed by the Doctor.
  • Your Prosthodontist make measurement of your facial height and profile.

Follow up appointments: Day3

  • Your Prosthodontist will verify how your artificial teeth will look. You will be fixed with a temporary tooth to show you how your permanent teeth will look.
  • Comments from you and your family will be appreciable. This appointment is very crucial as it will determine the final outlook of your fixed artificial teeth.

Follow up appointments: Day4

  • Our Prosthodontist will fix you your fixed artificial teeth. You will be sent back home with a wide smile

In the ensuing weeks/ months:

  • One or more follow-up appointments, as needed, to ensure you’re healing well

After 6 months:

  • Your temporary fixed artificial teeth will be replaced with your final bridge.
  • You may require two – three day visits to the clinic for measurements as described above.

This appointment is essential because your gums will shrink considerably after the surgery and this is high variable in the initial few months. Sometimes you might have developed little space beneath your teeth because of this shrinkage. We will address these problems during this appointment.

Periodic Hygiene/Maintenance as needed.

  • A visit twice a year either in our clinic or your own Dentist is the initial recommendation.

Remember, every patient is different, so make sure you understand the treatment timeline discussed with you by our specialist implant team.