Zirconia Crown Teeth

Zirconium has become one of the most preferred materials for crowns in dental clinic.

Zirconium has become one of the most preferred materials for crowns in dental clinic. These crowns are chosen over conventional metal ceramic crowns or complete metal crowns due to its many advantages and properties.

• Looks Natural: as zirconia is naturally white in colour, it mimics the translucency of natural teeth and allows in blending of the shade with the rest of your teeth.

• No black metal shows through: Metal ceramic crowns which were popular earlier had a metal layer underneath the ceramic layer which was usually visible at the gum line. zirconia has no metal lining inside the crowns and looks more aesthetic.

• Nontoxic : No adverse reactions to zirconia has been recorded . They are very safe and compatible to the tissues in the oral cavity. Some prefer not having any metals in their body. Zirconia teeth are the best choice for them.

• Improved Bonding : One of the main rationale as to why Porcelain fused metal crowns were usually the primary choice is that the metal surface bonds well with the tooth and holds the crown in place. Zirconia has this property as well ,but also has the added advantage of requiring less amount of tooth to be removed during the preparatory process .

• High strength: zirconia crowns are very resilient and heavy duty and thus does not chip off during normal activities unlike ceramic. It whitstands the forces that occur during biting and chewing.

 Extremely Durable: Zirconia is about five times stronger than ceramic. Because of this, zirconia might be a better choice for patients who have grinding habits or who have had problems with other crown materials.
The visual advantage of a zirconia teeth is the biggest plus point it can give. To simply put, the idea is to have them blend in with your natural teeth in such a way that the difference is unrecognizable both in your front and back teeth.
The ability of zirconium to be customised according to the set of teeth it will be placed alongside with is very significant.These crowns can be fashioned into looking much more pleasing than what it replaces. This is the main reason as to why spotting these crowns are quite dificult as they blend in so seamlessly.